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Neurobiology & Systems Neurosciences:

Physiology and Disorders of (1) Eye Movements and Postural Control, (2) Limb Movements, (3) Spatial Orientation, D. Anastasopoulos

Molecular Neurobiology. I Charalampopoulos

Immunohistochemistry and Electron Microscopy, Y. Dalezios

Neurophysiology of visual perception and attention, G. Gregoriou

Molecular Pharmacology, G. Liapakis

Motor and Cognitive Neurophysiology, V. Raos

Physiological Mechanisms of Learning and Memory, K. Sidiropoulou

Functional Imaging of the Primate Brain, H. Savaki, V.Raos

Use of Imaging Techniques in the Study of Cognitive Functions in Man, N. Smyrnis

Neurogenetics and Ageing. N. Tavernarakis

Rotation in the visual Psychophysics Laboratory - Fundamentals of vision, M. Tsilimbaris


Computational Neurosciences:

Computational Vision, A. Argyros

Neuronal Networks, G. Athanasiou

Computational and Mathematical Neuroscience, V. Cutsuridis

Evolutionary Cognitive Systems, M. Maniadakis

Computational Neuroscience, A. Moschovakis

Computational Neuroscience, P. Poirazi

Human - Computer Interaction , C. Stephanidis

Robotics, P. Trahanias, D. Tsakiris

Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis of Biomedical Data, Y. Tsamardinos

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, Y. Tsamardinos


Social-Cognitive Neurociences:

Social Cognitive methodologies: Experimental & Naturalistic, K. Kafetsios

Developmental Psychology, G Kugiumutzakis

Social Anthropology, G. Nikolakakis

Design and analysis of behavioural experiments for the study of language, E. Orfanidou

Language & Learning Lab, A. Protopapas

Assessment of Cognitive and Language functions, P. Simos

Philosophy of Science, S. Tsinorema

Philosophy of Perception, M. Venieri